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Julie & Tony

Welcome to our place!

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About Us

We both grew up on farms in the South Island, Tony in Fairlie and Julie in Waimate 

Tony was a commercial sheep shearer and has represented New Zealand at hand shearing for many years. Julie is a registered nurse, which is helpful when looking after newborn or sick animals!

We’ve travelled around the world many times on Tony’s sheep shearing trips and we always loved visiting farms in places like Zimbabwe, America, Italy, England and France to name just a few! Our farm visits are what we remember the most from our overseas visits – the people, their challenges and opportunities on their farming journey, and the warm welcomes from genuine people who were also interested in our lifestyle and farm life in New Zealand.

We purchased Shear-Vue in 1990 and the aim of our farmstay is to provide the opportunity for guests to stay on an authentic New Zealand farm, the chance to meet an ordinary Kiwi farming family and to share New Zealand farming practices, as well as the challenges, and opportunities that farm life provides. We also love sharing our farm environment with others who don’t have access to space, views, animals, or clean fresh air – things that we value and have known all of our lives.

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